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Located in Orange County California, Whim Publishing has been providing children with safe, lead-free, books since 2008. Their message of help and hope has been reaching children through their newest publication, Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?

“Michael Wood of Omikron Media is a fantastic web designer. Not only does he have the skills to do beautiful websites, he has the ability to understand that to the author, it’s personal. He’s been able to interpret the author’s vision for the site with skill and almost a sixth sense to bring to fruition the author’s vision. Changes at the last second, ideas popping into the author’s head at strange hours, nothing seems to put him off track. Speedy, yet thorough, sometimes he’s so fast about making changes it seems he makes them before I’ve communicated the change to him. I’m often unsure of a change until I see it on the site. He takes that in stride, changing things back if I don’t care for a change I asked for once I see it. For me, he’s the perfect web guy; he even explains things in a manner someone like me, decidedly not a techno wiz can understand. I have had hundreds of authors tell me how professional my website looks.


Mike also designed the games on the Randy Kazandy website and the kids love them. The games were designed to strengthen the eyes of children. Also having Mike tend to your website monthly is a plus. Mike offers the information for you to do your own updating but working as a publisher it gives me time to work on many other areas of the business. It’s so much easier and I am worry free knowing Mike can make the changes easily. I have been very happy doing business with him, and recommend his services to everyone who needs a website facelift. He has remarkable talent in web design. I have seen other sites Omikron Media has developed and for design and quick service updating my site, I give them a Two Thumbs Up! “

Rhonda Fischer
Author, Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?

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Google has begun to take page layout very seriously when it comes to search results. They are now incorporating changes into their algorithm which will examine what appears “above the fold” on a webpage.
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