Omikron Media – The Orange County SEO Experts That Delivery Results

Posted by Mike (09/01/11)

If you own a business in Southern California you know the need for online marketing, around here you need an orange county seo expert to get your business to the top of the search results and succeed online. Orange County is a tech-savy part of the county – smartphone use is incredibly high and more (Continue Reading...)

5 Reasons Article Directories Are Still Important for SEO

Posted by Mike (08/29/11)

Ever since the dreaded Google Panda update marketers and seo gurus have been complaining about the hit to article directories and how they just aren’t as useful anymore. It’s true that Ezinearticles and Articlebase took a huge hit for a ton of keywords and lost a lot of traffic. But the reality is that the (Continue Reading...)

The Top 3 Video Camera Smartphones Right Now

Posted by Mike (08/23/11)

The day of lugging around large cameras to family gatherings and on vacations is a thing of the past. The possibility of high-definition, easy-to-take videos are now being put on something that is in the pockets of millions, a smartphone. Whether individuals are looking for a way to escape the camcorder or simply looking to (Continue Reading...)

Omikron Media – The Leading Orange County SEO Experts

Posted by Mike (08/16/11)

If you live or work around Southern California you’ll know that it’s a pretty tech savy area, and for any new business to survive in this age of the online economy they will need an orange county seo expert to help them realize their online potential. Using marketing methods from the past are no longer (Continue Reading...)

Omikron Media – The Orange County SEO Company that Delivers Results

Posted by Mike (08/04/11)

In this ever growing eCommerce marketplace even local marketing is relying more on being seen online, if you live or work around here, this is where someone like an orange county seo company can help you succeed. With the widespread use of smart phones,
Around just Facial included Glad makeup love account especially from (Continue Reading...)

Why You Need an Orange County SEO Firm – Get More Business Today

Posted by Mike (07/26/11)

When it comes to Southern California, the best way to attract new customers or clients to your business is to advertise online, and to do that effectively, you will need a reliable orange county seo
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What the Google Panda Update Did and Didn’t Change About SEO

Posted by Mike (06/28/11)

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and blog posts lately about the changes that Google panda has made to SEO. I’ve heard reports of it completely killing sites, dinging reputable article directories, removing large retailer results, you name it; if you got dinged; it’s the panda. But did Panda really change the seo game? (Continue Reading...)

The Power of Orange County SEO – Expand Your Business Online

Posted by Mike (06/28/11)

Any new business in today’s market needs to invest some time reaching potential clients or customers online, and if you’re from around here, that means you will need an orange county seo expert. More and more people are utilizing online sources for everything they do or buy. They want reviews, cheaper prices,
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Powerful Orange County SEO Experts You Can Trust

Posted by Mike (06/24/11)

With the continuous developments in the online business industry, it is only natural that online business owners from all over the world hire more and more intricate services in hopes of edging out the innumerable number of competition; and that”s where Orange County SEO experts can help you. The whole dynamics of the online market (Continue Reading...)

What are LSI Keywords? How to Find Them and Use Them

Posted by Mike (06/23/11)

If you”re business is SEO, you are no doubt familiar with LSI Keywords, but a very common question I hear from new marketers and clients is what is lsi? In short (but complicated terms) LSI means Latent Semantic Index, which if you ask Wikipedia it”s defined as: “An indexing and retrieval method that uses a (Continue Reading...)

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Google has begun to take page layout very seriously when
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